Important thoughts on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mixers 

Nowadays, to carry out a Bitcoin transaction, the system generates a special information message on the client’s computer, which contains input and output data. That is, it immediately shows where the funds came from and where they should go. Want to know how to make bitcoin anonymous and private? Keep reading the information below. 

Why does cryptocurrency have value?

Cryptocurrencies share some common features with our standard notion of money, but there are some significant differences. To start using bitcoins, you need to download a wallet app. There are many of them, but the best of all is the official client from the developers of the system itself. In this wallet, you will generate your first Bitcoin address and a set of keys for it. Do not lose, as there will be no password recovery!

Thanks to results, cryptocurrency is valued and in great demand since it is almost impossible to counterfeit. But what made it possible to track all transfers on the blockchain puts anonymity at risk. Each address on the network is unique and associated with an email account, access to which helps steal cryptocurrency; that is why special tools should be applied. 

What is a Bitcoin mixer?

Therefore, to “obfuscate the traces” of transactions, special services have been developed – Bitcoin mixers. The most reliable bitcoin blender has quite large reserves; it is a service where a certain amount of your Bitcoins are mixed with the Bitcoins of other owners, after which the source of the coins becomes impossible to trace. Simply put, it is a way to cover the tracks during transactions. Even simpler: this is a way to make sure that no one can understand where the bitcoins in the wallet came from, who owns it, where the funds come from, and where they go.

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